Terms of Use

(the "Contract") Last updated on March 9, 2018.


The developer and administrator of the employee recruitment platform “Jobcorpus” and the website www.jobcorpus.com is MB Jobcorpus, a private limited liability company, established and exists under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, legal entity code 303487370, registered office address at Saltoniskių g.29, Vilnius Lithuania (the "System Administrator").

The Jobcorpus system allows for natural and legal persons to share and exchange information about employers, employees and job offers, as well as use other services offered by the System Administrator (if ordered) (the "Services"), and thereby increases employer’s ability to reach a larger number of potential candidates for the job vacancy. The Services are provided by the System Administrator through the website www.jobcorpus.com (the "Website"). The Jobcorpus system is based on the desire to provide personalized job offers by presenting the company’s managers, working environment, and other team members to candidates in order to make it easier to get acquainted with their future (potential) workplace.

A person that visits the Website and uses the Services offered agrees to comply with all the provisions of this Contract, whether he/she/it is a registered user that has registered on the Website and created an account (the "Registered User") or is an unregistered user, including candidates for job openings (the "Visitor") (the Visitors and the Registered Users collectively referred to as the "Users").


The System Administrator does not allow any exceptions for the conditions of this Contract with respect to the offered Services (all related issues). The System Administrator reserves the right to terminate the Users access and/or their use of the Services offered by the Jobcorpus system due to a violation of this Contract and/or a violation of the law at any time and without prior notice.

If you have any questions and/or comments related to this Contract and/or the Services provided by the Jobcorpus system, please contact the System Administrator by sending an email to info@jobcorpus.com.


A person that wishes to become a Registered User shall create an account on the Website (the “Account”). The Account at the Jobcorpus system can be created: (i) on behalf of the employer, i.e. a natural and/or legal person, that intends to post job offers on the Website by using the offered Services (the “Company Account”), and/or (ii) on behalf of the employee, that was invited to create the Account by his/her employer that already has a registered the Company Account (the “Personal Account”)


During the registration process, a person (employee of the respective company) that intends to create the Company Account, shall provide both their personal information and contact information about themselves and the company (if applicable), indicate the position he/she holds at the company (if applicable), and the manager of the Company Account (the “Company Representative”). When registering a Company Account, the Company Representative confirms that he/she/it has the right to represent this company (if applicable) and agrees with the conditions of this Contract (Terms of Use) and confirms that the information provided in the registration form about the employer is true and correct. The System Administrator does not verify the Company Representative’s authorities to act on behalf of the employer. The Company Representative is responsible for ensuring a secure data connection and the employer is responsible for all actions taken by the Users connected on behalf of the employer.

After the Company Account’s registration, the Company Representative has the ability to fill out and edit the Company Account’s information, including adding additional information and images, job offers and to create a list of employees that will be invited to connect (his/her full name, e-mail address and position). The Jobcorpus system will automatically generate and send these employees an invitation to create his/her Personal Account ( without this invitation it is impossible to create a Personal Account).

If there is a reasonable doubt that the information provided in the Account is inaccurate, false, and/or the content is inappropriate then the System Administrator and/or the Company Account’s administrator may remove the Account from the Jobcorpus System without giving prior notice to the Company Representative.

The person during the registration of the Company Account confirms and guarantees that: (i) all the information provided during the Account registration is true and accurate; (ii) all the information in the Account will be updated to maintain its accuracy; (iii) use of the Services does not exempt people from any applicable laws, regulations, or other liabilities (including any contractual obligations), and any current or possible effects on third parties.

The Registered User may delete his/her/its account at any time by sending a request to the System Administrator. The Account will be removed from the Jobcorpus system no later than the end of the next business day after the receiving the request. After the removal of the Account from the Jobcorpus system, the same person may create a new Account by using a different e-mail address during the registration, and present information about the new company.


Under this Contract the System Administrator provides Users the ability to create a Company Account for free, in which one job offer would be posted and to create one Personal Account. With the goal of smoothly implementing the Services, the Jobcorpus system provides the following general Jobcorpus system Administrator’s Services free of charge:

  • i. Displaying the Registered User’s job offers on the Website; or only the first job offer?
  • ii. Customer service, development and automatic updates of the Jobcorpus system (including the Website);
  • iii. Ensuring of the uninterrupted operation of the Jobcorpus system;
  • iv. Processing and management (data verification and validation) of the presented (incoming) data;
  • v. Publicity of the job offers on the Website and advertisement number of times the advertisement has been seen and how many times its link has been opened and remote tracking of the advertisement;
  • vi. Direct consumer services, i.e. consulting through email and/or telephone during work hours (on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm UTC/GMT +3);
  • vii. Centralized collection of the candidate’s resumes and cover letters, processing and transferring this information to the Company Representative.

The Jobcorpus system also offers the following additional Services (or part of it if the User prefers) for an additional cost:

  • i. The opportunity to use Jobcorpus system for publishing free job offers (career page, job board);
  • ii. The ability to reward the employee that recruited the successful candidate thought the System Administrator, i.e. the person whose link was used by the employed person during the application process (by paying 25% of the offered bonus/reward value).
  • iii. The possibility to subscribe to the System Administrator's assistance in creating and/or administrating (including the independent management of the Company Account) the Company Account (please contact the System Administrator and you will receive an individual offer).
  • iv. Publicity of the job offers through the use of social media networks and targeted groups of candidates (please contact the System Administrator and you will receive an individual offer).

The Services Administrator may at its own discretion engage with third parties for any of the Services provided (or any part of these Services). Should any issues occur, the System Administrator will attempt to resolve these issues with the third parties providing the services in order to ensure the smooth operation of Services for the Users. The third parties with whom the System Administrator has service contracts are responsible to the System Administrator. In the rare case the third party’s terms of service change, or refuse to provide services to the System Administrator, and the System Administrator is no longer able to fulfill its obligations under this Contract, then the System Administrator has the right to suspend this Contract for an indefinite period of time until the Services can once again be implemented.

When the User begins to use the Services offered under this Contract, the User agrees to give the System Administrator any and all rights necessary for the proper implantation of the Services for the Users through the Jobcorpus system (including the right to use the User uploaded trademarks and service marks related to the Services). In case the System Administrator requires confirmation, the User will immediately send the System Administrator their confirmation in the requested form confirming that they grant the necessary rights in accordance with this clause of the Contract.

If the User expresses a reasonable claim to the System Administrator on any issues related to the Account and/or published job offers, the System Administrator will forward these claims and issues to the Company Representative so that they are solved promptly and properly. Upon the Contract of the System Administrator and the Company (in each separate case), the System Administrator may solve these issues directly with the User.

The holders of the Company Account may use this Account for recruitment purposes for their company or their affiliates only, and use obtained personal data of the candidates in compliance with the law, as well as only use this information in the recruitment process and to not disclose this information to third parties, unless otherwise is required by law.


The Registered User shall submit to the System Administrator and/or upload to the Jobcorpus system (within the law, public order, good morals, etc.), all the necessary information legitimately used by he/she about the employer, employees, job offers, and the reward/bonus for helping find the employee, etc.

The Company Representative shall ensure that all of the uploaded information in the Jobcorpus system is unrestricted, can be used by Jobcorpus for an unlimited period of time, and can be used for commercial and/or non-commercial purposes, copied, edited, modified, and displayed on the internet (not limited to the Website) without any additional written or verbal Contracts with the System Administrator and/or third parties.

The Company Representative agrees to update the information related to the job offers’ content or other important User information and/or inform the System Administrator about changes and required updates by uploading this information into the Website (as soon as it is possible) or by sending the System Administrator an email (thereby allowing the System Administrator to upload this information into the Website).

Due to the fact that the Users are granted access to the other User’s, advertiser’s, and third party’s available information, the Website may include advertisements and links to third-party websites, uploaded by the System Administrator as a service to those who are interested in this information and information uploaded by other Registered Users (these links are uploaded only for the convenience of Users and the System Administrator does not endorse nor ensure the quality of these links) and the System Administrator does not control, maintain, nor monitor these links and their linked content, therefore the Users using these links understands that they assume all risk and cannot accuse (undertake not to claim) the System Administrator for any of its related content and issues.

While registering the Account, Users agree to receive commercial and other offers sent by the System Administrator; however, after the registration the Users will have the right to unsubscribe from these offers by selecting the appropriate button in the newsletter.


The Company Representative that creates the job advertisement and/or uses the Services provided by the Jobcorpus system, undertakes to provide accurate information regarding the job offer, including information about the activities of the employer, position, responsibilities, requirements and offers to the candidates, contact information, etc.

The System Administrator reserves the right at its own discretion to adjust or remove job advertisements with inappropriate content, as well as to remove their publishing party’s Account without prior notice. Inappropriate content is considered, but not limited to the following:

  • Job advertisements that discriminate based on sex, race, nationality, language, ethnic origin, social status, faith, moral convictions or views, age, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, religion and other grounds;
  • Job advertisements that are erotic in nature or otherwise contrary to the established moral norms.

Only publish one job offer per one job opening. If there are two or more related job openings published, then their descriptions shall clearly reflect their differences; if the job opening is available in multiple cities, then a separate job advertisement shall be created for each city. Each job advertisement should refer only to the city in which the workplace is located. If there is no one specific workplace, then the workplace should be listed as “ [insert country name]”.


A Person that intends to apply for job openings under the job offers (the “ Candidate”) shall upload his/her resume or cover letter to the Website, or connect through his/her LinkedIn profile-only?.

The Candidate’s data is only visible to the System Administrator and the Company Representative of the respective company, which has the appropriate administrator’s (HR’s) rights.

Upon uploading his/her resume and cover letter, the Candidate will not have the ability to edit, supplement or delete the provided data; however, the Candidate may contact the System Administrator and if it is possible, the Candidate’s information will be removed and the Candidate will be able to upload the new information.

By uploading their information through the Jobcorpus system the Candidates give permission to the System Administrator to collect, store, edit, manage and transmit this information to employers (specific employer) and use such information for the employer's needs related to his/her recruitment process.

The Candidates are responsible for the information they have uploaded, this information shall be accurate, and they understand that the System Administrator reserves the right to remove false information or improperly filled out Candidate data; as well as for unsuitable actions towards the employer, the Jobcorpus system or other parties which are related to the provision of the Services.


A person shall not use information obtained through the Services in order to offend, hurt or harm others.

A User that intends to communicate with another User, advertise, obtain or sell to the other User information shall obtain prior expressed consent for this. In order to protect the Registered Users from spam, the System Administrator reserves the right to restrict the Registered User’s ability to send to other Registered Users any type of information and/or share it.


The parties of this Contract undertake to carry out their obligations under this Contract, and to refrain from any action that might cause harm to one another. During the validity of this Contract the party that fails to/or improperly carries out its obligations under this Contract shall indemnify the other party for all reasonable and direct losses and damages suffered by the other party as the result of violation of this Contract.

In the event that either party fails to implement (improperly implement) any obligations under this Contract, the other party has the right to present in writing (including through email) its respective claim regarding to the improper performance of this Contract. The receiving party shall provide the other party with the answer to such a claim and acknowledge the violation of this Contract or explain why it considers that this violation has not been committed. If both parties fail to reach a general Contract, then the party that originally claimed the violation of this Contract has the right to seek a resolution for the dispute in court.

The parties shall be released from their liabilities for failure to execute the obligations hereunder in full or in part if the Contract was not executed due to circumstances of force majeure, i.e. due to the circumstances the parties could have not reasonably foreseen.


The owner of the Company Account shall compensate the System Administrator for any and all of the losses and damages suffered including punitive fees, expenditures, damages (direct and/or indirect), losses (including, but not limited to legal costs) and compensate all the damages, including non-pecuniary damages, which arise or are connected to the actions of the Users and/or the controlling state or municipal authorities or other persons concerned (including, but not limited to all the actions, claims, investigations or proceedings related to applying of the interim measures or forced exercise of the rights (processes)), which are connected to:

  • i. The Company Representative’s actions done through his/her authorized access to the Jobcorpus system (such as submission of information);
  • ii. The job openings’ content and the bonus for recruiting the employed candidate which was published in the Jobcorpus system by the Company Representative;
  • iii. The actions completed by the Company Representative or job openings publication through the Jobcorpus system connected to violation of the intellectual property rights; etc.

The System Administrator undertakes not use any information obtained about employees and candidates for the job opening for any commercial purposes, including to solicit and assist other persons to solicit, as well as contact with the intent to recruit and/or terminate their relationships with their current employers.

The System Administrator is not liable for any damages that might be suffered due to the Account holders job offers, their promises, or other employment-related actions and the System Administrator has no obligation to recruit the Candidates. All the job offers are published by third parties – employers, using the Services provided by the System Administrator.


The System Administrator undertakes without prior written consent not to disclose to third parties any information received from the Users during the execution of the Contract and upon expiration of this Contract, except when (i) it is required by law to disclose this information, (ii) there is written consent from the other party to disclose this information, (iii) the information is disclosed to legal, financial, tax, and/or operational consultants of the other party, who undertook to maintain this information confidential, or (iv) this information becomes or is public without breach of this Contract.


This Contract shall come into effect from the moment the User starts to use the Services (offered on the Website) and will remain in effect for the entire period the Services are used.


This Contract shall be governed by and act in accordance with Lithuanian laws. Any dispute arising out of this Contract or related to the establishment, execution, breach, termination or invalidity shall be resolved by way of negotiations, as a show of good will. Failing to reach an Contract through negotiation, any dispute, controversy, or claim that arises from this Contract or related to it shall be ultimately settled in court by the System Administrator’s office according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.


The System Administrator has the right to unilaterally (at its own discretion) replace or modify any of the provisions of this Contract at any time. The System Administrator will notify the Registered User through his/her/its Account or by sending a newsletter explaining the changes before the new wording of the Contract goes into effect and the new wording will be made available on the Website. It is assumed that Users that continue to use the Services after this Contract has been amended agree to the terms of the new wording of this Contract.